Kalo Sport Covid-19 Risk Assessment Plan

Dear parent/carer,

Below is our Covid-19 risk assessment for Kalo Sport’s junior tennis programme and sports camps at Hazelwood Sports Club. This has been devised by us and our solicitors AXA XL Sport & Leisure London. We insist all parents/carers of children attending our services read this document. The risk assessment will be followed along with our general risk assessment for running multi-sport activities.

Click here for the Kalo Sport Covid-19 Risk Assessment

Our daily system:

  • The general risk of Covid-19 contraction at our programmes and camps with this risk assessment in place is Low
  • It is the parent/carers’ duty to ensure children with any symptoms of Covid-19 whatsoever are kept at home
  • All participants plus our staff will have their temperature taken upon arrival to the facility by temperature gun. Temperatures must be below 37.8 degrees to enter
  • Our coaching services always operate within coaching ‘bubbles’ of maximum 15 children. These groups will generally be based on age
  • Toilets (male and female) are located on the top floor of the clubhouse. Toilet procedures will be strict and take place during breaks only. Children will be made aware of this and only in an absolute emergency will children be taken to the toilet outside of daily break times
  • Children should have their own water bottle as water fountains will not be in use for safety reasons. Bottles can be filled at a tap filling zone. All food is for the individuals’ consumption and there will be no sharing of food whatsoever
  • In the rare case that a child falls ill with Covid-19 symptoms they will be taken to an ‘isolation zone’ immediately and we will ask them to be collected. If they can’t be collected they will be kept in the isolation zone with a Kalo Sport staff member. If they were to test positive for Covid-19 then the coaching bubble they were in must isolate for 14 days. A pro-rata refund would be issued in this case but we are very hopeful this would be of extremely low chance to occur
  • Precautionary personal PPE use is at your own discretion. Children should bring their own sports equipment where possible. If not, we can provide and disinfect regularly

All staff possess an enhanced DBS check, first aid and insurance.

If you have any questions whatsoever please do contact us. We are more than confident that if we all consistently follow these procedures we will ensure safety is maintained.