My child is booked to do the afternoon session. When can I drop him/her off?

Sign in for the afternoon session is during lunchtime between 11:45am and 12:45pm. Your child is welcome to have his/her lunch with us if dropped off at the start of lunch. Otherwise please arrive early to sign in ready for the afternoon session to begin at 12:45pm.

What should I pack my child for lunch/snack break?

We strongly advise your child comes to camp with plenty of water/isotonic sports drinks as well as food sources which will provide them with energy throughout the day. This will help your child perform at their best on the camp and help delay the onset of fatigue during exercise and prevent dehydration.

What equipment does my child need to bring to camp and what should they wear?

Very importantly in the summer months – sun cream. Footwear for tennis should be non-marking sole trainers. Footwear for football can be those trainers worn for tennis, or astro-turf football shoes. We will have tennis racquets as well as footballs to provide your child at camp. However, we encourage the children to bring their own racquets if they will feel more comfortable using them. We also encourage shin guards to be worn for football, although this is not compulsory.

We advise clothing that will keep them cool such as sports tee shirts and shorts plus a jumper/tracksuit top if the temperatures are low. It may also be a good idea to wear a hat if playing tennis. Many of these items are available for purchase at our on-site Kalo Sport shop.

Are there parking facilities on site?

A good amount of parking space is available at Hazelwood Sports Club. Alternatively, the club is a very short walk away from residential streets where cars can temporarily be parked.

How secure are the facilities?

The facilities at Hazelwood Sports Club are very secure and the environment is safe and appropriate for a children’s sports camp. The facilities are of open access to members of the sports club so children on camp will be supervised at ALL times, however, during the day the club is very quiet and completely hired for Kalo Sport camps. Hazelwood Sports Club is also accustomed to a high number of junior members using its facilities year round.

What happens if my child falls ill or gets injured?

If your child becomes ill or gets injured during the camp, we will follow all the necessary procedures required to assist them and keep them safe. Our camp manager is first aid trained and well experienced in child safeguarding procedures. Parents/carers will be notified immediately if an illness or injury is of a more severe nature. The experience and training of our coaches combined with the quality of our facilities means your child will be in a very safe environment.

What happens if it is raining?

The quality and depth of the facilities we use for our services are a key factor in our ability to provide children with the best possible sports camp experience. We are fortunate to have great indoor facilities at our disposal for both tennis and football in the event of bad weather.

Are there appropriate toilet and changing facilities?

Yes. We have both men’s and women’s changing and toilet facilities available. Children will be escorted to and from the toilets by our staff.

Does my child need to bring football boots and shin guards?

Studded football boots are not required, as the children will not be playing on grass. Tennis shoes or astro-turf football shoes will be suitable for football. We recommend that all football campers wear shin guards.

We can only make 4 days out of 5 in the week. Should we select the days we can attend when booking?

Yes. Our easy to use booking system has been designed to allow you to specifically select the dates and times that suit you.

Can I book a Kalo Sport camp for more than one child?

Yes you can. For each booking you make, our system will ask you to provide details for each child who will be attending. This will then appear when you check out and when you receive your booking confirmation.

What if we can no longer make the camp schedule that we have booked?

Please see our terms and conditions page for all refund and cancellation policies.

* * If your question still remains unanswered please contact us at info@kalosport.com and we will get back to you as soon as possible * *